Freight ships

Freight of ships (including «part-cargo»)

If you plan to transport a big consignment enough for the freight of whole ship or her part (hold, deck), you should remember the following:

The ship usually is chartered in «prompte», i.e, when under ready cargo (already delivered at the port) selected convenient tramp vessel. If you are want just to inquire the level of freight rates of abstract cargo in a certain direction, it can be done only approximately, as the freight rate, say, planks in July from the area of St. Petersburg can differ significantly from October rates.

– It’s necessary to determine the tonnage, i.e. to know estimated type of vessel (timber carrier, tweendecker, etc.) and her deadweight

– to clarify the rates of loading in the port of departure and port of destination

– to determine the cargo stowage factor, i.e. the ratio of weight and volume. To find out is the cargo stackable or not. Without this is not possible to work out the cargo plan and determine the freight rate.

Time of readiness cargo for loading (i.e  issuing of Loading Order) is very important to determine laycan (period of readiness of vessel for loading) and the lay time. The error can guide to demurrage and it literally very expensive.