Rigging works

Rigging works, installation and dismantling of heavy equipment


In modern conditions the construction of industrial projects ,whether new power block of electric station, the new shop of engineering plant where is necessary to locate an oversized, heavy weight equipment (turbines, generators, presses, reactors, transformers, etc.) directly depends on the financing of the object. In this case, the large share of time and money takes away general preparation and civil works (foundations, load-bearing structures of the building, etc.). The necessity of installation of overhead crane of 200 ton lifting capacity in addition to the considerable cost of the crane itself, multiplies  the capital investment in construction. Crane can make 2-3 lifts at full load capacity for its life and the rest of the service to perform the lifting 3 – 20 tons (in this case, powerful crane operates much more slowly). Therefore, designing of modern industrial projects throughout  the world  is widely open to craneless, but rigging method of heavylifts installation.

This saves thousands tons of steel and concrete, structures , by period reduce construction time. Now modern technologies of rigging are available  in Russia to. Previously, to install the frame of press, turbine or generator customer or general contractor should invite the foreign specialists – experts from the Netherlands, Germany or other countries. Now specialists of AO “Titran” have the most modern, reliable hydraulic rigging equipment of the best world manufacturers. We can offer the work of loading, unloading, lifting, installing on the foundation, dismantling, canting of heavy weight from 50 to 500 tons with using of modern rigging equipment. With standard rigging system we can lift cargoes to a height of 18 m. But this is not  a barrier. If you need to install the cargo to a height of 30, 50 or 100 meters we will find a base for solution!


We may organize transportation of these heavyweights on the special modular trailers , railway transporters and by sea.