At the planning stage of transportation, we will always help you to choose the optimal transport and the best route.

Because each type of transport has advantages and disadvantages.

For example:


+ quick, convenient (door to door), minimal requirements  for packaging, easy to control

– the high price, limited carrying capacity


+ low (relative to car) price, large carrying capacity (compared to cars).

– requires advance planning, inability to transport “door to door”

– necessity of rail paths and rail TSW, the inevitable additional costs of compulsory transshipment in ports or at border stations


+ the most cheaper, possibility of transportation of large amounts

– transport “from port to port”, high dependence on weather conditions,

– additional requirements for packaging, pre-accumulation of the ship party


+ the fastest

– the most expensive, extra transportation to/from the airport

If you’re still undecided what type of transport to carry your goods? Take 3 minutes to request, and we will offer you our option.